Sivaji – The Boss: Chennai Banners, Posters, Hoardings

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Thirunelveli, Nellai District Theatre Listing - Rajni Fans Discusions Group for Sivaji The Boss

Sivaji Rajni in Chandramukhi Celebrations

Chandramukhi 700 Day Celebrations in Shanthi Theater

Chandramukhi 730 Day Celebrations Poster Banner in Madras Santhy Theatre

Chandramukhi 700 Day Celebrations in Shanthy Theatre

Sivaji the Boss Rajini Ads

Sivaji the Boss Rajini Ads

Sivaji the Boss Rajini Ads

Chennai Posters, banners Rajini Ads

Sivaji the Boss Rajini Ads

Sivaji the Boss Rajini Ads

Sivaji the Boss Rajini Ads

Sivaji the Boss Rajini Ads

‘Sivaji - The Boss’ - Pictures speak

Sivaji the Boss Rajini Ads

Thanks: Sivaji – Paper AdSivaji the boss chennai poster AVM Shankar Rajini

Sivaji - The Boss - Rajini Poster

Shivaji - Shankar, Rajni Banner in Chennai

Sivaji - The Boss - Rajnikanth Posters in madras


Rajni - Sivaji The Boss banner near Ethiraj College

RajinifansDiscussions : Message: Sivaji business! Inside Story!!

1) Since Sivaji budget exceeded the actual one – AVM has increased the rates for all areas.

2) Abirami Ramanathan – strict in business: In City, AVM is said to have cleverly moved by giving the distribution rights to Abirami Ramanathan. Abirami is a strict business man and there’s no friendship terms in his business. As expected he is dealing the Chennai business very professionally.

3) Three- in-one: Sivaji is going to be screened in 3 theatres in Abirami – Abirami, Annai Abirami, Sakthi Abirami.

4) Ramanathan has taken lease the Ega theatre also. So, Sivaji may come in Ega theatre also.

5) Different rates :Film rate for Chennai city is different for complex theatres and they can screen fully in their complex. For other theatres the rate is different.

6) Kamala’s condition: Kamala theatre has signed the agreement on the condition that Sivaji shouldn’t be released in AVM Rajeswari. (I heard that AVM Rajeswari belongs to AVM Balasubramaniam)

7) Divide and sell: NSC area is one of the biggest areas in film distribution network of Tamil Nadu. Since the rate was exorbitant (15 crores) in this area many hesitated to buy. So, the area has been divided into three different areas. 1)North Arcot 2) South Arcot 3) Chenglepet.

8) The Nag Ravi connection: Nag Ravi has bought South Arcot for a whopping amount of 4.5 crores.

9) Shanthi pulls out: Shanthi has withdrawn from race since it felt that the rate was too high. And now Devi is in the race.

10) Albert – a big ?: Uncertainity prevails in Albert and no idea whether the film would come there.

11) Sivaji sales would be the highest sale of any tamil film till date and i beleive (By God’s grace) this would be beat by Superstar’s next film alone.

12) Ippo illati eppo? Each and every time, many distributors withdraw at the last moment in buying the Superstar film and those who bought the film bravely used to reap the benefits by getting multiple times of their investment. Same thing is going to happen in Sivaji. Pyramid Saimira which missed the Tamil Nadu bus will surely regret for missing distributing rights of Sivaji. (It is rumoured that AVM asked a total of 60 crores for Tamil Nadu and Pyramid backed out saying ‘No’


Rajinikanth sivaji the boss sankar AVM

Rajinikanth sivaji the boss sankar AVM

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