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Top 20 Hot Female Athletes: Barstool Sports

இந்த உலகத்துல எல்லாமே அழகுதான். ஆனா எந்த அழகும் நிரந்தரம் இல்லை. 🙂 அத நிரந்தரம் ஆக்கணும்னா இதே மாதிரி எல்லாரும் அழகா அழகுப் பதிவு போடணும். அப்படி மாட்டின மூனு பேர்.

இது சுட்ட பதிவு:

1. Ashley Force (motorsports)- I guess driving a funny car counts as a sport. It seems like all you do is push your foot down and pray that you don’t die but who am I to say that pushing your foot down doesn’t take some athletic ability.

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Provoked – A caricature of good and evil

PROVOKED: Kiranjit Ahluwalia’s true story reduced to a crude cartoon.

Last week I complained that Stephanie Daley was a little obtuse about the issues involved in its subject, teen infanticide. This film demonstrates how the opposite can be worse. In 1989, a Punjab immigrant, Kiranjit Ahluwalia (a stunning Aishwarya Rai), set fire to her husband (Naveen Andrews) after years of abuse. The man died, Ahluwalia went to jail for murder, and the case became a cause célèbre that eventually led to an appeal, her early release, and the passing of an enlightened law regarding the prosecution of abuse victims. Very inspiring, but when reduced to a crude cartoon all it provokes is annoyance. Telling the story through clumsy flashbacks that culminate in a montage of “greatest hits” leading up to the torching, director Jag Mundhra reduces the tragedy to caricatures of good and evil. Rai offers a single expression of wide-eyed, non-comprehending terror, and nothing in her performance or the film shines any light into the heroine’s resistance or her redemption.


May 17, 2007 5:42:23 PM

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Need Levels

7.      Aesthetic
6.     Know & Understand
5.     Self-actualize
4.     Esteem or Ego
3.     Love & Belonging
2.     Safety & Security
1.     Physiological

Troll – Griefer

In Internet terminology, a troll is someone who intentionally posts derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics in an established online community such as an online discussion forum to bait users into responding[1]. They may also plant images and data on networks that others may find disturbing (usually indirectly relating to the individual in person) in order to cause confrontation. While not necessarily related to hacking, such a practice is against the Computer Misuse Act 1990, where mischief is caused in order to ensure chaos is spread.

A griefer is a slang term used to describe a player in an online video game who plays the game simply to cause grief to other players through harassment.

நன்றி: விக்கிப்பீடியா

An internet troll is an insult used by hypocrites who can be either:

  1. A person who brings life to a tired, dull internet message board by purposeful attempts to start flame wars or Internet drama by posting comments that are patently Fucktarded, yet still inflammatory enough to enrage the stupid, irrational and humorless. The moment someone points out that the troll in question was just gunning for a reaction usually results in a fire drill. For a more in-depth example of trolling, click here.
  2. A person that throws around the troll insult to: anyone who defeats them in an argument, anyone points out facts the real troll doesn’t want people to know, or someone the real troll picks at random to stick falsely with a troll label for sheer lulz. This second type of troll is 98.9999999% of all trolls now and is often called an Anti-troll.

How to tell a troll

Based on the common usage of the word troll, all furries, otherkin, Grammar Nazis, Bitches, Fucktards, Fuckwits, Noobs, Racists, Peaceniks, Pants nazi, Lol-cows, Retards, AOL users, Smartasses, You and Twits are trolls.

நன்றி: Encyclopedia Dramatica