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உடல்நல மருத்துவம் – ஒபாமா & மெகயின் திட்ட ஓப்பீடு

உடல்நலம்/சேமநிதி காப்பீடு (Health care/Insurance) – பத்மா அர்விந்த் தொடர்ச்சியாக

நன்றி: Comparing healthcare plans – Boston.com

மேலும் வாசிப்புக்கு:

1. CJR: Twelve Questions About Health Care for Tonight’s Debate: “There’s more to talk about than taxing benefits”

2. Worlds apart on healthcare – The Boston Globe: “Obama’s plan is like the new Massachusetts universal coverage law with one exception”

3. McCain plan may cost Northeast – The Boston Globe: “John McCain’s healthcare plan would bring a dramatic change to the existing system: People would get a flat tax credit worth as much as $5,000 instead of the tax break on the insurance they now get at work, allowing them more flexibility to buy insurance on their own.”