Spread Your Wings and Fly

13 வயது மகள் கறபனை கலந்து எழுதியது

It was a hot, summer afternoon. The house was at pin-drop silence except for my birds chirping. It was never like this when my mom was home because she kept on telling me chores to do. Right now, my mom was at Market Basket. I was as bored as ever just thinking about what to do. I started to poke my finger in my birds’ cage. What I didn’t know was that my birds would do anything to escape their cage and fly out.

I continued poking my finger in and out of the birds’ cage. I realized that the birds were getting excited and they started to pace back and forth in their cage. I thought they enjoyed playing with me, but I was wrong. I started to fidget with the birds’ cage when something unexpected happened. Boom! The cage fell to the ground and my birds escaped. They flew off in all different directions. I tried to run after them, but it was no use. They made acute turns and had efficient hiding spots. I had a real dilemma because I let the birds escape and my mom would be home at any minute. I was scared for sure now.

My fingers started to tremble. I didn’t know what to do. I felt as nervous as a cat in a room full of dogs. Ding dong! Oh no! I thought. My mom was home. I opened the door and let her in. I didn’t know how to tell her. “Uh…mom? I accidentally let the birds escape.”

“You what?” she replied completely shocked.

I told her everything that happened. She barged upstairs and got the birds. Wow! I thought. She’s really good at catching birds. After a moment, I realized that I owed my mom an apology. I told her that I was really sorry and that I would never do that again. I realized that sometimes parents are right and you should listen to them.

மறுமொழியொன்றை இடுங்கள்

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