Destination Imagination – Massachusetts Schools: Innovation, Competition

1. Breaking DI News. Paper based props, dresses, Unbreakable models by withholding heavy weights. #destination

2. DI News

3. Environment: Flip: I like Nature. Transformation from Tree cutting to flower loving, no-trashing. #di

4. you’re gonna flip: story of a puppet changing to snake with a wish; wanting to become human. Finally became puppet a…

5. Destination Imagination: You are gonna Flip. DI CHALLenges at Performing arts center.

6. Story of Christmas in DI. Destination Imagination – risk & reward evaluations. #Chelmsford

7. DI – Santa delivering presents.

8. Destination Imagination Direct Deposit: Transfer from one side to another.

9. MADI – Destination Imagination Region 4 Tournament at Chelmsford High School. DIrect Deposit challenge.

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