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முந்தைய பதிவு: Kamal’s ‘உன்னைப் போல் ஒருவன்’: Preview « Snap Judgment

  • donion: Shruti Haasan is a great environmentalist; heavy reuse and recycling in songs of unnai pOl oruvanView Tweet
  • milliblog: Shruti’s music is amateurish, while masquerading as polished. Milliblog music review of Unnaipol Oruvan: http://j.mp/k2T9
  • orupakkam: உன்னைப் போல் ஒருவன் இசை – Didnt fail. Kamal & Bombay Jayshree’s number is the pick of the lot. இது ஒரு குடும்ப இசை ஆல்பம் 🙂View Tweet
  • ursmusically: As a composer, Shruthi Haasan makes quite a promising debut in ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’. She has tried something diff in limited space.View Tweet


  1. shruthi has that spark..about 14 hours ago from web
  2. unnai pol oruvan – nilai varuma song is good..about 14 hours ago from web
viswaa88: Unnai Pol Oruvan songs literally rocking!!! \m/View Tweet
chanduji: UNNAI POL ORUVAN – songs not so great for the first hearing! may be will get used to it soon!!!View Tweet
girsubra: Allah Jaane .. from the album-Unnai pol Oruvan is awesome.I think ,kamal Hassan -the singer doesnt always get the credit he deservesView Tweet
graja: Hearing song Nilai varuma sung by kamal & bombay jayasree from #Unnai pol oruvan… Music by Shruthi hassan— Nice #MelodyView Tweet

Vanthiyathevan: என் உளறல்கள்: Exclusive : உன்னைப்போல் ஒருவன் இசை விமர்சனம்

Suresh Kannan: பிச்சைப்பாத்திரம்: உன்னைப் போல் ஒருவன் இசைப் பாடல்கள் – ஒரு பார்வை..

Mugil: கமலஹாசனின் குடும்பப் பாடல்!

டக்ளஸ் :: உன்னைப்போல் ஒருவன்- பாடல்கள் ♠ ராஜு ♠

  • srikanthvaradan: Shruti hasan has done a neat job in unnai pol oruvan…. pick of the album is Nilai varuma…. sung by kamal and bombay jayashree… —  View Tweet
  • dvimal24: Unnai Pol Oruvan” songs are really good – seems to be a promising entry for Shruthi Hasaan!!!View Tweet
  • boo3dmax: unnai pol oruvan – not very bad; raghav identity – seems good #musicView Tweet
  • ramnaganat: Heard Unnai pol oruvan songs…not good…but heard most of these songs will not be in the movie…this one’s good…View Tweet
  • ram_zone: Unnai Pol Oruvan – My Pick, Nilai Varuma…View Tweet
svgan_in: Sorry. I dont like Unnaipol oruvan‘s music 😦View Tweet
rahultwitz: Gud peppy numbers from Shurti Hassan..Unnaipol Oruvan!!.hope she wud turn sth big..View Tweet
sridharv86: Not impressed with ‘Unnaipol Oruvan‘. Except for a couple of songs.View Tweet
ajaybharathi: I don find the music for “Unai pol Oruvan” that impressiveView Tweet
RinjuRajan: a day of surprises! 🙂 unnaipol oruvan music rocks!View Tweet
charanftp3: Giving the composing job to Shruti was indeed a big move,but she makes a terrible mess of the Unnaipol Oruvan soundtrack-Disappointing!View Tweet
shrinivassg: Unnaipol Oruvan Audio .. Very disappointing stuff !View Tweet
  • Listened to Unnaipol Oruvan atleast 10 times.. Listen to the album with open mind and the songs are apt for the plot very intriguing lyricsView Tweet
  • Kamal’s rational taught all over the unnaipol oruvan lyrics listened to all the songs atleast 10 times good stuffView Tweet

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  1. பிங்குபாக்: ஸ்ருதிஹாசன் இசை: உன்னைப் போல் ஒருவன்: ஒலி அனுபவம் « Snap Judgment

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