Daily Archives: மார்ச் 7, 2009


எட்டு வயது மகளின் அரை மணிநேரப் பொழுதைப் போக்க புத்தகங்களைக் குறித்து சிறுகுறிப்பு வரைய சொன்னதன் விளைவு:

Books are interesting because they can bring you into a imaginary world. For example pretend you have never played soccer and you wanted to see what soccer was like so you decided you were going to read a book about soccer and suddenly it feels like you have played soccer after you read the book. From my school library I brought a book called “Punished”! I already read 1 chapter and I can not wait until the next chapter. That made me feel books I read are fiction books. I always daydream and If I read non-fiction books I only read nocturnal or biography books.