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EPW – Yoga, Agriculture, etc

Intellectual Property Rights and Traditional Knowledge :: Krishna Ravi Srinivas

Copyright claims pertaining to yoga postures and techniques have increased anxiety over the use of intellectual property rights in the realm of traditional knowledge. This article addresses the complexities of the issue.

Agricultural Trade and Protection :: Biswajit Dhar

Various perspectives on the liberalisation of trade in agriculture have come forward after the Uruguay round of negotiations at the World Trade Organisation. This article critiques the rationale for liberalising agricultural trade in the light of recent literature in trade theory. It also explores the need for “strategic” interventions by developing countries and deals with how these mediations differ from protectionist policies.

Understanding Economic Growth in India: A Prerequisite :: Pulapre Balakrishnan, M Parameswaran

This article follows a recent development in the estimation and testing of multiple structural breaks in linear models to identify phases of growth in India since 1950. The noteworthy feature of the methodology is that it allows the data to parametrise the model, thus yielding results that are immune to the prior beliefs of the researcher. The resulting estimates reveal that there are two growth regimes in India since 1950. The authors then decompose by sector the contribution to the change in the growth rate across these regimes. Finally, by means of a simple econometric model, they test a hypothesis that emerges from their estimation and testing for structural break in the main sectors of the economy to provide an explanation of the growth transition in India. In passing, the authors consider the bearing of their results on extant explanations of the same transition.

Distributor & Operator becomes the Editor & Director

மதுரையில் எங்கள் வினியோகஸ்தர் நாகராஜ ராஜா என்பவர் அங்கே சினிப்ரியா தியேட்டரில் அந்தப் படத்தை, இடைவேளைக்கு பிந்தைய பகுதியை முன்னதாகவும், முந்தைய பகுதியை பின்னாலும் போட்டால் நன்றாக இருக்கும் போலிருக்கிறதே என்று கருதி அப்படியே மாற்றிப்போட ஏற்பாடு செய்தார். ஆனால் இப்படி மாற்றிப் போட்டது ரசிகர்கள் யாருக்கும் தெரியாது. அப்படிப்போட்டபோது அது ஒரிஜினல் படத்தைவிட அதிகமாக ரசிக்கப்பட்டதாகத் தெரிந்தது.

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