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Sivaji (The Boss) – Bachelor of Silver Screen

  1. Anoop going blah blah….: Sivaji – FIRST REVIEW ON NET!!
    • Scene with Shreya and train which is kinda unbelievable
    • The final slides on the screen as names roll by is something every Indian would dream for.
  2. Rajini-in-Sivaji.com » Sivaji First reactions– from a fan
    • Interval block resembles similar to Tagore (Chiranjeevi’s movie)
    • Iis all abt an NRI who teaches a lesson for all who don’t pay tax
    • Is all about a Medical College Revenge
  3. Random Thoughts / Perspective Reflections: $!V@J!:
  4. Chennai and TN: 50 -55 crores
    AP: 18 crores
    Karnataka: 7 crores
    Kerala: 3.5 crores
    Foreign (US, UK, Japan, Malaysia): 15 crores
    Satellite rights: 4-5 crores
    Audio rights: 1.5-2 crores
    The first day tickets sold in Madras amounted to 1.7 crores.

  5. Sivaji (The Boss) – Live Reviews « கில்லி – Gilli
  6. Sivaji : A Quick Review from Singapore.. « அலசல் – Probable imagination and Thoughtful futuristic suggestions 🙂
    • Rani Mukherjee IS the surprise heroine in the film. She is big Rajini’s pair.
  7. Lightning Strikes Everyday: Movie Review: Sivaji : 99% Style 1% Substance
    • Sivaji is a movie where shankar’s and Rajini’s negative aspects add instead of subtracting each other.
    • Jeans is a good example of a Shankar movie which had several main ingredients that were dead on arrival
    • Firstly, NRIs who are senior software architects will not be worth 200 crores.
    • I wish Rajini had accepted the Mudhalvan script. It had a story.
  8. Chakra’s Graffiti » Blog Archive » ‘Sivaji – The Boss’ – 100% Biased review
    • Did you hear the same story line in Padayappa? Yes, you did.
    • Does the free education stuff reminds you of ‘Gentleman’? Yes, you are right indeed.
    • The black money stuff – you would be right in thinking that you heard the same in ‘Mudhalvan’ and ‘Indian’ in a different flavour.
    • Yet, Sivaji is different.
  9. Muthu’s Rambling Blog: Sivaji – Rajini all the way
    • The coin gimmick has been done via graphics but the gum-popping scene at least looks real.
    • If Chandramugi, which had no steam in it, could run for 800 days, I guess then Sivaji has a long way to go.
  10. Indian techies success stories in Silicon Valley
    • Sabeer Bhatia’s sale of Hotmail to Microsoft for $400 million is a well-chronicled story
    • Virginia-based IIT graduate Hemant Kanakia sold his Torrent Technologies to Swedish giant Ericsson, also for $400 million.
  11. சிவாஜி படம் பார்த்தேன் : பகிர்கிறேன் « அலசல்
    • இந்த கதையை வைத்துக் கொண்டு என்னத்த சாதித்து விட முடியும் என்று நீங்கள் நினைத்தால் அது தவறு. ஷங்கர் புகுந்து விளையாடியிருக்கிறார்.
    • ஜினியின் ‘முதுமை ஊஞ்சலாடுகிறது’; ‘பாட்ஷா’ ரஜினியின் வேகம் இந்த படத்தில் பல இடங்களில் மிஸ்ஸிங
  12. Fun Bin: Shivaji – Story and Review
    (Telugu Version for Andhra Pradesh)

    • There are no heroic feats in the film actually.
    • Rajnikant has played like NTR, ANR and Chiranjeevi in a song.
  13. Noddys B-School Story!: SIVAJI – Review!
    • There was this guy in the theater who wore a Sivaji Style Wig and entertained everyone even before the movie started.
    • There was another guy who spent around 50$ on pop corn and distributed that to everyone so we could hurl it in the air when Rajini fills the screen space.
  14. Sivaji : The Boss – Movie review at தண்டோரா – இது கண்டதை சொல்லும்
    • ரஜினியின் மேக்கப்மேனுக்கா, ஷ்ரேயாவின் மேக்கப்மேனுக்கா என சாலமான் பாப்பையா
    • ஏவிஎம் ராஜேஸ்வரியில் ஆயிரம் நாளை கடப்பது நிச்சயம்.
    • சாருநிவேதிதாக்களையும் பாமரன்களையும் திருப்திபடுத்தியிருக்கிறார். தீராநதிக்களும், காலச்சுவடுக்களும் கிழித்து தொங்கவிடுவதற்கு
  15. superstarksa.com | Blog Archive | Sivaji – Coooooool!
    • Athiradi is clearly inspired by Roberto Rodriguez’s Mariachi trilogy, complete with the machine gun in the guitar and the rockets in the guitar case
    • you should be really foolish to expect any logic from most Indian movies.
  16. ‘Sivaji’ – first Indian film to incorporate 4K resolution
    • 2K resolution for digital intermediate (DI) is the set standard. Around 400 of the 2,900 prints of “Sivaji” have been made in digital format by Prasad EFX
    • A single frame scanned in 2K occupies about 12 mb space while a 4K image would occupy 4 times more (48 mb).
  17. A male’s tales: The S-Day
    • The frenzy that was there for “VV” does not even compare to this.
    • வானத்துல இருக்குது பல ஸ்டார்;
      நிலத்துல இருப்பது ஒரே ஸ்டார்!
      அது நம்ம சூப்பர் ஸ்டார்!
  18. Sivaji-The Boss: Experience of a Fan : PassionForCinema
    • A very mild looking oriental man peeped through the projection glass into the theater, shocked. The look on his face said it all.
  19. சும்மா டைம் பாஸ் மச்சி…..: சிவாஜி (ஒரிஜினல்) திரைவிமர்சனம்!
  20. Sivaji – BOSSa Overa Sodhapitanda Shankar « Pardon My Tamil
    • Shankar’s letdown was worser than what the Indian team pulled off in the world cup.
  21. IdlyVadai – இட்லிவடை: சிவாஜி – குற்றப்பத்திரிக்கை
    • ஒன்றாக கோர்த்தால் ரஜினி பட இம்பாக்டும் இல்லை சங்கர் பட இம்பாக்டும் இல்லை.
    • Cool!, நான் தியேட்டர் ஏசியை சொன்னேன்.
  22. நிழல்கள்: சிவாஜி – A quick review

Heroworshipping Rajinikanth: “Completed over 18 months, Sivaji’s Super 35 format makes the cinemascope broader and provides a panoramic vision to the viewer.

Other technologies like 4K processing and scanning with a resolution as high as 4096×3072 pixels (twice that of most Bollywood films), better colour grading and printing, and scene-based correction have been used to enhance the cinematic quality and the screen presence of the superstar.

But the technology and razzmatazz has come at a cost — AVM isn’t ready to share how much it has spent, but estimates vary between Rs 60 and Rs 80 crore — that analysts would normally find difficult to justify.

Yet, the film is not just likely to recover its spends, it could end up making a gargantuan Rs 150 crore in the first three weeks alone.

Of Sivaji’s 760 prints,

  • 300 have been released in Telugu,
  • 303 in Tamil,
  • 145 have been reserved for foreign shores, and
  • 12 for north India.

For Sivaji, his 100th Tamil film (he has acted in a total of 170 films), he is estimated to have been paid about Rs 15 crore + commissions, taking the total emoluments to around Rs 18-22 crore, something that would be the envy of Bachchan and the reigning Khans.”

  Rajinikanth Amitabh
per film Rs 15 cr
plus share
of revenue
Rs 5-6 cr
Number of films
they do in a year
One every two years Acts in more
than 6 films
in a year; this year
he has 12 films
Fan clubs Over 15,000 About 24
Brand endorsements None 25
Budget of the film Rs 60-80 cr*
Number of prints 760
How much distributors
have already paid
Rs 60-70 cr
Overseas rights sold at Rs 18 cr
Sattelite rights sold at Rs 4 cr
Distribution rights in Chennai sold for Rs 6.5 cr
Expected box office collections in three weeks Rs 150 cr
* industry estimates vary widely
The most expensive movie was Devdas with a budget of Rs 52 crore, followed by Kabhi Alvida Ne Kehana which had a budget of Rs 45 crore to Rs 50 crore
The highest number of prints was of Dhoom 2, which was over 1,000; usually blockbusters have prints ranging from 500-700
The highest box office grosser adjusted to inflation and the only one which has gone over the Rs 150 crore market in domestic box office sales is Sholay
Eros is believed to have paid Rs 46 crore for domestic as well as international distribution rights of Salaam -e-Ishq


CHIRANJEEVI Rs 5-8 crore plus earnings
from a territory
KAMAL HASAN Rs 5 crore
NAGARJUNA Rs 3-5 crore
MAMOOTY Rs 1 crore