Jadaayu Book Release Event: Dangers lurking behind National Integration

One response to “Jadaayu Book Release Event: Dangers lurking behind National Integration

  1. Fully agree. Hinduism is the only path which allows views of even an atheist. So many misconceptions, most of the time deliberately created upon Hinduism by vested interests especially from Political parties which are lenient towards leftist ideology and so called Dravidian ideology. Recently i happened to read a exhaustive article about Manu Smrithi and its real meaning. Why i am writing about this is, because, Manu is the most criticized and favorite whipping boy of so called progressive thinkers and mainly from Dalit writers. After reading the whole smrithi with an open mind anyone with out any bias will accept that how far manu was ahead in his thinking. like wise, there are many mis-conception, mostly perceived, and if those things can be cleared by our scholars it will be a very good service to the society. Hope more and more people explore this great religion and imbibe the great qualities.

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