Outspoken California editor shot Dead

வீடியோ: Oakland Remembers Slain Journalist

செய்தி: Inside the Oakland Bakery Linked to Slain Newsman – Newsweek National News – MSNBC.com

Founded in the 1970s, when Oakland was home to the Black Panthers and the nationwide Black Pride movement, the Bakery was far more than a bread shop. Under Bey, its charismatic patriarch, who preached a doctrine of discipline and black self-reliance and once ran for mayor of Oakland, the Bakery peddled health food and offered job training for underprivileged youth and ex-cons, earning the trust of city officials.

Police say the bakery’s handyman, 19-year-old Devaughndre Broussard, confessed to shooting Bailey in broad daylight as he walked to work at the Oakland Post, a black community newspaper, because he was upset about Bailey’s coverage of the business’s finances.

Shortly after Bey’s death, his successor, the Bakery’s CEO, was found in a shallow grave in the Oakland hills. One of Bey’s sons took over the business, only to die a short while later in a failed carjacking. No charges were ever filed. Yet even as some of Bey’s feuding heirs terrorized the community–and each other–attacking liquor stores owned by Muslims in 2005 and allegedly kidnapping and robbing a woman to get money for the failing business last year, community officials continued to support the Bakery, which is now in bankruptcy proceedings.

Oakland has a history of looking the other way when it came to Your Black Muslim Bakery. In 2002, Bey was charged with raping underaged girls in the extended Bakery “family”–a group of underprivileged youth who were offered jobs and boarding–fathering a child by one who was only 13. He pled not guilty, then died of cancer in 2003 while awaiting trial.

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