Velukkudi Krishnan Swamigal on Krishnar: Discourses on Lord Kannan: Bharatham Lectures

Velukkudi talks abt stuff which we all know, but still explores symbolism, hidden text & connects them with vedas, upandishads, Tamil lit.

Velukkudi connects well with people; doesn’t dumb it down; displays his ignorance in English translations without ego; very genuine answers.

#velukudi Analogy of reaching right weight compared to moksha #diet

#velukudi What is your objective? What is the best use of your time in using your capability? What fires u up? #motivation

#velukudi Aachariyas are teachers; they r friendly; alwars are doers; they have no dhaya or forgive easily their disciples

#velukudi Discussion abt Bhakthi, Surrender by Aadhi Sankara; jeevatma, paramatma Dwaitha by Ramanuja is the 1st stage for soul

#velukudi Madhuprithya: SriNarayana; how Lakshmi remains inseparable with Srimaan

@rajeshpadman totally new to me too. Krishna asks all 5 Pandavas; only Sahadeva offers comments; others defer #warforKrishna #gurushetra
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#Vk ‘Pre-determination vs free will: there is no point in preaching if you solely believe in fate. Jathagam can’t supercede bhagavat krupa

#velukudi ‘Even though I am not eligible to comment, there are already too many Hindu temples in US.’

Sahadeva mentioning to Krishna that only Him wanted the war; not Kauravas; not Pandavas #velukudi #mahabharath

Around 250+ on a weekday for a lecture on Krishnaavatar by Velukkudi Krishnan Swamigal at Boston

#Velukkudi Concept of Dynamic Variable was invented by Krishna; his rope had unlimited memory; draupadi sari kept growing on demand #cloud

#Velukudi Krishna teeth was like 32 moon; that reflection helped him eat; story of him searching 4 calf in butter pot. #emptyVessel

Velukudi is as comfortable in English as in Tamil with the discourse; excellent choices of words; mixing slogas, pasurams, kural wonderfully

#velukudi Destruction vs Removal: water removed from lotus leaf x cotton destroyed by fire. Aslesham & Vinasanam of Boodhana

#velukudi Bhoothana symbolism: she: avidya ignorance; ahankara mamakara breasts; karma milk; bad deeds stopped by Krishna #rootcause

#velukkudi Rama will always wage a just war all by himself; Lord Krishna never waged fights which was not provoked by somebody else.

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